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How to Help Displaced Civilians in Gaza

Jul 24, 2014 Gaza

Please call the mattress factories listed below (located in Gaza) directly and reserve however many mattresses you’d like to donate under (Fadi Elsalameen) and our volunteers on the ground will pick them and deliver them to families in need.

Payment: from you directly to the factory via Bank of Palestine


Famco Factory (Naji Khoudary phone number +972595799899

Islim Factory (Abu Alaa slim phone +972599342100

Saleem Factory (owned by an American-Palestinian, no relation to Hamas). Here is the wiring information:

Saleem Co.LTD For Trade and Industry
Bank of Palestine
Ramallah Branch
Account#: 2206336
Swift Code: PALSPS22
I BAN: PS64PALS045822063360013000000

Please inform me after you make an order so I follow up. I’m also ready to guarantee payment if need be.


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